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About Us

Hello! I’m Linda Reib and I’m so glad that you’re visiting Enhance online today. I would love to see you in our boutique someday soon! In the meantime, it’s my pleasure to tell you a little about myself and about Enhance. I am a Certified Post-Mastectomy Fitter. I’ve been fitting breast prostheses and post-mastectomy bras for 30 years. Because I am convinced that women want and certainly deserve truly personal and professional service, I developed Enhance to provide services “my way.” Enhance serves the needs of women who have experienced breast cancer. Enhance also serves women who have had reconstruction surgery and women who have struggled to get a perfect fit and a great bra.

When you visit Enhance, you will find yourself in a lovely boutique setting. We offer beautiful specialty items to make you comfortable after surgery—soft and pretty post-surgery camisoles, seamless bras, pocketed sports bras, and lovely everyday wear. I am always updating our selections so that you will be sure to see the finest collection of post-mastectomy garments at Enhance. We carry the beautiful Amoena swimsuits with pockets to accommodate your prosthesis.

Our job at Enhance is to provide you with the perfect fit for both your prosthesis and bras. Our certified fitters will show you a complete selection of breast forms from the very latest collections and bras (pocketed and non-pocketed) from Amoena, Wacoal, Camp, and Anita. We will help you with everything you may need to feel great—nipple kits, lightweight forms, swim forms, sleep bras, and more.

We even carry a variety of stylish fun accessories just to make your visit to Enhance a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

When you and your doctor decide that you are ready for your fitting, all you’ll need to do is call us. We’ll ask you for your insurance information and then we’ll take care of everything else—insurance, prescriptions, and any required pre-authorizations. Please be sure to allow about an hour for your initial fitting and consultation. We want to be sure that we have all the time it takes to meet your specific needs and requests. Oh, and feel free to bring along a friend for a little support and another set of eyes.

Remember, there is never a charge for your fittings. If you would like to come in just to talk with us about available products and what might work best for you, we are happy to spend time with you. In the meantime, please take a tour of our website. I’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions and concerns and I hope that you will find some of the answers right here.

Thank you for visiting Enhance online. I do look forward to meeting you soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions:


How soon after my mastectomy can I be fitted for my prosthesis and bras?

It is important that you reach a point in your healing that will allow you to tolerate the pressure of the prosthesis and bra. But this decision is best reached between you and your surgeon, who may have a protocol for you to follow that is based on your specific situation.

In the meantime, Enhance carries some soft, soft garments that you can wear until your initial fitting.


What should I bring to my first fitting?

We encourage you to bring a snugly fitting shirt so that you can be completely satisfied that your prosthesis and bra look wonderful under even your tightest garments. If you have a favorite bra style that you’d like to keep, please bring the bras with you. We are very happy to evaluate your current styles to see how well they might work with your new breast prosthesis.

And, of course, you are always welcome to bring along a friend, husband, sister, or mother for support.


Can I still wear my own bras with my prosthesis?

If your current bras fit you properly and offer enough support for your breast prosthesis—Yes! We are glad to evaluate your current styles at your initial fitting. Just bring in your bras to your initial fitting.

Your insurance may allow several post-mastectomy bras as part of your coverage, so you may prefer new bras to give you a new fit and feel.

Enhance offers a complete collection of pre-pocketed bras by Amoena, Anita, and other premier lines of post-mastectomy bras. We also carry fashion bras, including selections by Wacoal, Bali, and more. Our fashion bras are both beautiful and suitable for pocketing.


Can I swim with my breast prosthesis?

Absolutely! Most breast forms are waterproof and special swim forms are also available. Swim forms may be weighted or non-weighted. Enhance swim forms allow you ease of movement and security in the water.

And don’t forget about your swimsuit! You will want a pocketed swimsuit. You may bring in your own swimsuit to receive a customized pocket to accommodate your breast form. If you are looking for a lovely new swimsuit, Enhance carries a beautiful selection of pre-pocketed swimsuits from Amoena.


How long will my prosthesis last?

Most breast prostheses have a two-year warranty. In my 30 years of fitting, I have found that a good-quality prosthesis will continue to look good for two to three years. However, I have also found that it is not unusual for my client’s body to change before her breast form does. Updating your prosthesis as your body changes will make you more comfortable and will keep you with the perfect match for you.


How do I know that I am getting a quality product?

At Enhance, I carry only EXCELLENT products from manufacturers that I have worked with for many, many years. You can count on the fact that I have personally evaluated each prosthesis collection before I make it available for my clients. As an Enhance client, you are fitted with only the best.


Will you bill my insurance?

We are contracted with most insurance companies. When you call to make your appointment, we will ask for your insurance information to ensure that we can bill for you and that your benefits are fully utilized.

Our billing specialists will communicate with your insurance company to get the very latest coverage information. We will let you know if your level of coverage will require any payment from you for your services at Enhance. If any payment is due, we will request it at the time of your services.

We do remind our clients that any information we receive from your insurance company is always subject to change once your claim is actually processed for payment. The changes made by insurance companies may result in a refund due to you or an additional amount due. Once we have received payment from your insurance company, our billing office will let you know if any refund or payment is due.


What information do you need from me?

We will need a copy of your insurance card and your doctor’s prescription. If you do not have your prescription when we see you at Enhance, we will be happy to request it from your doctor’s office.

Many insurance companies require that we obtain an authorization before we may deliver your prosthesis and bras to you. We will do our best to obtain the authorization with no delay. If we are unable to do so, we can deliver your items to you at your fitting if you would like to pay for your selections. Once your insurance company has authorized and made payment for your items, we will make the appropriate refund to you.


Why doesn’t my insurance cover everything?

It’s important to realize that every insurance plan has different “allowables” that it will pay for a prosthesis or bra. Some plans require their members to pay part of their allowables (co-payments) or to pay a certain amount each year on their own (deductibles). In some cases, insurance plans require both co-payments and deductibles.

Sometimes our clients make selections that are considered non-standard or deluxe by their insurance plan. When this happens, our clients will pay an upgrade that is not part of the allowable that is set by their insurance plan.

Sound confusing? Sometimes it really is…But we will do everything we can to figure it all out for you to maximize your insurance benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.